Over the years we’ve come up with some great tips for using our patented hydration gear! However we’ve received most of our BEST tips and different uses for the hydration gear from our HAPPY & HYDRATED CUSTOMERS:

Q & A:

Q: Which way should the water bag is oriented inside, i.e., does the handle face the top or bottom of the outer bag?
A:  The bladder handle should point towards the rider when sitting the the tank bag itself…. this way the hydration hose quick detach on the  bottom of the bladder is at the “low point” where the water will always “pool” when the tank bag is mounted.
Q:  When the water bag is filled, should air be left inside or do you want to remove it all?
A:  In the instructions it mentions that when filling the hydration bladder ie fill full of ice, then add water and leave some room. No need to remove air etc. (coldest water available being best as there’s less melting of the ice when it’s added)
Q:  Best way for Cleaning/disinfecting the mouthpiece?
A: Simply clean with a simple disinfectant dish soap, rinse thoroughly.  NOTE:  When touring, you can rinse the bladder quickly each day with water and you shouldn’t have problems….after your touring or ride etc. don’t throw it in your gear locker before thoroughly emptying the bladder and allowing to air dry before storing.
Q:  Mouthpiece On/Off switch isn’t obvious not obvious which way switch is positioned for On (below On or covers Off)?
A: The ON/OFF is embossed on the switch, but you’re right it’s not super clear…. how I’ve always remembered is that ON is when the switch/lever is pointed towards the water bladder ie the water source.  I usually leave it “on” anyway….if you clear/blowback the line after each time you hydrate….it doesn’t leak.


  • Keep your tank free of any dust or dirt etc and remember to wipe it down before setting your hydration gear on the tank.
  • Don’t want to use the riser strap while your hydration gear is on steel tank? By design you can extend the adjustable strap  fully, then wrap it back around the sides of the tank bag near the base, over the D-rings and reconnect (under right side pocket)
  • Some riders who never intend to use the riser strap have simply cut it off.
  • You can use your own straps, hook & loop straps or even zip ties to mount the gear behind you on your back seat or onto of you motorcycle luggage, etc. the D-rings provide you with almost limitless options.
  • When extending your hose out when mounted on either the tank or on your back seat, remember to gently pull the hydration hose out, leaving enough on the inside to quick attach to the bladder.  You can rotate the square bladder sideways inside the hydration gear.


  • Try hydrating every 5-10 minutes….this allows you to rehydrate while on your ride and it’s cooling your body core down make your body very happy, and keeping you sharp even in the worst riding conditions.
  • Try NECK WRAPS!  Keep a couple of the cooling neck wraps cold by laying them on the ice/water filled bladder while you wear another around your neck during your ride.  Swap them out and help cool the blood flowing to your brain through the carotid artery in your neck.
  • Leave a little space in you bladder….try filling the bladder with 2 liters of ice/water leaving room for snacks, medicine, glucose pens, etc.
  • Leave even more space and pack a lunch!  Put maybe a liter or so of ice/water and pack a lunch! However, trying to eat a ham sandwich at 75 mph would be hazardous.


  • Some riders will remove their bite valves and simply drink from the on/off valve.
  • Practice using a thumb movement to “snap off” the bite valve dust cap when riding.  Try not to pull it off.  This takes a bit of practice but before long you’ll be able to snap off the dust cap and manipulate it back on with minimal effort.
  • Try hydrating every 5-10 minutes….this allows you to rehydrate while on your ride and it’s cooling your body core down make your body very happy, and keeping you sharp even in the worst riding conditions.
  • Hate it when you drink that warm or even hot water that’s in the hydration hose?  BLOW-BACK is a GREAT way always be able to drink ice water!  Whenever you finish hydrating, just gently blow a mouthful of air back into the bite valve/hydration hose, clearing the line of water.  So the next time you hydrate your enjoying ice water right from the bladder!!!


  • Some riders like to be able to secure the Connector Grip / Retractable reel to additional locations on their person.  This maybe necessary if the hydration gear is mounted on your fuel tank and the rider needs to share with the passenger.  A safe and reliable way to do this is purchase a soft connect or breakaway connection.
  • You can find numerous inexpensive options on online stores like Amazon or Ebay etc by searching for something like “magnetic keychain”.  We like the Crazy Shark magnetic key ring which comes in several colors and has a nice carabiner and a 7.7 lb pull-factor.




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