ThirstyRock hydration tank bag

Though the ThirstyRock hydration tank bag was primarily designed for your motorcycle, that’s not its only function. These bags were designed by active people, so a convenient hydration bag for motorcycle rides is just the beginning. The functionality and versatility of your ThirstyRock bag enables it to go anywhere you want to go. Here are a few other ways you can put your hydration tank bag to work.

ATVs and Off-Road Bikes

Adventures come on both two and four wheels, and your ThirstyRock hydration tank bag can go off road with our OffRoad bag, which is ideally suited for whatever form of transportation you choose. With two different methods of attachment to a vehicle, magnetic butterfly straps or tie-down straps, your tank hydration bag can come with you on almost any vehicle.  Attach it to your ATV or off road bike to spend a day four wheeling with friends, and stay hydrated all day long. With our hydration tank bag’s large capacity and dual insulation system, chances are you’ll still have cold water left at the end of the day.

Hiking and Camping

Some of the best adventures are to be had on foot! Your ThirstyRock hydration tank bag comes with straps so that it can be worn as a backpack whenever needed. Fill the bag with ice and water and set out on foot. Simply park the motorcycle at the trail head, sling your ThirstyRock bag onto your back with our shoulder straps, and head out. Chances are you’ll be ready to come back long before your bag is empty! It’ll keep you hydrated and cool for hours of hiking, and the large capacity means that it can even be used for backpacking and camping trips, too.

Horseback Riding

Maybe it’s not a vehicle you want to attach your hydration tank bag to. If long hours experiencing the trail from the back of your horse are more your speed, your ThirstyRock bag can easily follow you there as well. Whether your interests lie in eventing, endurance riding, trail riding, or equestrian camping, stay hydrated by fastening your ThirstyRock bag to your saddle before you head out. The hydration hose and bright blue bite valve make it easy to find so that you can hydrate without ever slowing your horse’s gait.

ThirstyRock hydration tank bags aren’t just the best on the market that are designed for motorcycle use, they’re also the best all-around hydration bags, thanks to their superior insulation and convertible strap system. Just because you’ve parked your motorcycle doesn’t mean the adventures are over, and your ThirstyRock is ready to go anywhere you are. Contact us today for more information about our premium hydration tank bags.

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