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12 piece STRAP KIT

Wether it’s your new ThristyRock Hydration Tank Bag, tail bag or luggage, this kit has something that will help you secure it safely to your ride.


Thirsty Hydration

product DETAILS

This strap kit has 4 different types of straps for multiple applications… use the hook-and-loop straps as anchor points or as simple quick tie-downs, used the double snap hook straps to attach any tank bag or luggage to your ride, thread the strap through the loop end of the single snap hook strap to anchor it around any frame, fairing mount etc…


Multi strap kit:

  • 4 – hook-and-loop straps
  • 4 – double snap hook adjustable straps with buckle
  • 2 – single snap hook adjustable straps with buckle and pull-through loop
  • 2 – single snap hook with hook-and-loop strap