cold water

You may have heard that the temperature of the water you drink makes a difference, and that’s true. It really does! Different temperatures can have different effects on your body. There are actually several good reasons why you should drink cold water while you ride, and all of them have to do with keeping you as safe and as healthy as possible.

Cold Water Hydrates You Faster

First and foremost, cold water actually resolves dehydration more quickly, according to Columbia University’s health column, “Go Ask Alice,” written by a variety of health professionals. Cold water absorbs faster from the stomach, which means it also gets into your system faster and your body can benefit from it sooner.

Cold Water Helps You Drink More

A 2013 study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine compared the temperature of water to voluntary drinking and sweat production and found that when offered colder water, study participants actually drank more water. Drinking warmer water tends to make you not want to drink as much, which can lead to dehydration, especially when you’re overheated. Cold water, on the other hand, encourages you to drink more, which combines with the faster absorption to help keep you better hydrated during your ride.

Cold Water Lowers Your Core Temperature

Another advantage to drinking cold water is that it helps to lower your core temperature, according to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The study was done with athletes in mind, but the same goes for any other situation where you’re likely to overheat. Extremely hot temperatures combined with a lot of hot clothing and gear can increase your body’s core temperature, so it’s beneficial for your comfort and health to drink cold water and lower your core temperature during your ride.

Cold Water Helps You To Sweat Less

The same 2013 study that found that people drink more water when it’s cold also found that drinking cold water reduces the amount of sweat you produce, when compared to drinking warmer water. This is likely connected to the fact that cold water also helps to keep your core temperature lower, which in turn means that your body produces less sweat in an effort to cool itself. When you’re already sweating due to hot temperatures and wearing a lot of protective gear, anything that can help minimize sweating can go a long way.

The science makes it clear that cold water is the best option when it comes to staying hydrated and keeping cool. Unfortunately, keeping your water cool can be difficult on long, hot rides. That’s where our patent pending hydration tank bag comes in handy. A wide mouth enables you to fill the tank with ice as well as water, and two layers of thermal lining and a ballistic grade nylon shell keep that ice water icy all day long, even in 100 degree heat. For more information about our hydration technology, contact ThirstyRock Hydration today.

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