A ThirstyRock hydration tank bag is more than just bringing a water bottle with you on a ride. It’s a convenient way to carry water with you, keep it cold even in triple-digit temperatures, and stay hydrated without ever taking your eyes off the road. Here is everything you need to know about the different parts of your ThirstyRock hydration tank bag, and why they’re designed the way they are.

  • Removable bladder: The bladder in your ThirstyRock bag was designed to be convenient, safe, and above all, cold! The large 3.2-liter bladder is BPA-free, with a wide mouth that allows you to fill it with ice as well as water. The bladder is also removable for easy cleaning, or so that you can use the tank bag as a regular storage tank bag.
  • Dual insulation: With two layers of insulation between your water and the ambient heat, your water will stay ice cold for up to 8 hours. The first line of defense is a removable thermal liner that surrounds the water bladder. In addition, the outer shell of the tank bag has a thermal aluminum liner built into it, helping the contents of the bag stay protected from the heat.
  • Insulated hydration hose: One problem with many hydration bags is that even if the bladder is insulated, the water in the hydration hose is susceptible to heating up. On ThirstyRock bags, the hydration hose is insulated. The hose is also on a retractable reel so that you know where to find it every time you reach for it.
  • Interchangeable bite valves: Every ThirstyRock bag comes with both an angled and a straight bite valve. Bite valves operate to keep the water sealed off until you bite slightly on the valve, making it easy to hydrate on the road. The straight bite valve works with full face helmets and the angled one works with other gear pieces. Both can be removed with the push of a button. ThirstyRock’s design makes it even easier with bright blue bite valves, which are easy to see in your peripheral vision, so that you never have to risk your safety by looking away from the road.
  • Mounting straps: ThirstyRock hydration tank bags are unique because of their versatility. A variety of interchangeable straps enable the bag to be used in nearly any fashion. Magnetic wrap around flaps fasten the bag securely to metal tanks, while D-rings enable it to be tied down to virtually anything else. The bag also comes with shoulder straps so that it can be worn if needed.

Every single part of the ThirstyRock hydration tank bag, no matter the type, has been carefully designed with the user in mind. Far more convenient and comprehensive than packing a water bottle, ThirstyRock makes it so easy to stay hydrated that you almost don’t even have to think about it while you’re on the road. For more information about our hydration tank bags, contact ThirstyRock Hydration today.

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