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As you browse our ThirstyRock hydration tank bags, you probably have a lot of questions about why our hydration tank bags are the best option for your ride. Nothing feels better than hitting the road and touring the country from the back of your motorcycle, but it won’t feel so good if you get dehydrated while touring. Here are the most common questions we hear from customers regarding ThirstyRock hydration tank bags.

Why Is a Good Hydration Tank Bag Important?

Touring the country from the back of a motorcycle is an amazing adventure, but long hours in sometimes triple digit heat can be incredibly dehydrating. Waiting until you stop for gas or a break will leave you already dehydrated by the time you stop, and could be a health danger for you on the road. Carrying a hydration tank bag will ensure you always have plenty of water on hand, and ThirstyRock’s design makes it easy to operate while cruising.

How Can I Use My ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag?

ThirstyRock hydration tank bags have been designed to be the best motorcycle tank bags on the market, but that’s not all they can do. The tank bag also comes with a pair of straps so that you can carry it on your back and stay hydrated during a hike, and the D-rings enable you to tie it down virtually anywhere, even to your horse’s saddle for a completely different kind of riding.

How Does ThirstyRock Differ From the Competition?

Carrying a hydration bag in your motorcycle gear supply is not a new idea, but ThirstyRock is different in that it was designed for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists. Other motorcyclists know that touring from the back of a motorcycle often means traveling in high temperatures. Keeping water cool so that you’ll want to drink it is as much of a challenge as finding a convenient way to carry it so that you can drink while riding. With a dual insulation system that can keep water ice cold all day, ThirstyRock offers the best of both worlds, so that you have access to cool, refreshing water during your entire ride.

Will the ThirstyRock Hydration Tank Bag Scratch My Tank?

Absolutely not! Any proud motorcycle owner will of course be concerned about whether the ThirstyRock hydration tank bag will scratch their motorcycle’s tank. Other products on the market may scratch, but ThirstyRock bags have been designed not to damage the bike. ThirstyRock bags fasten to the motorcycle’s tank with either a secure magnetic strap, or tie-down straps for plastic or aluminum tanks. With either method, the motorcycle’s tank is protected by the anti-scratch material on the bottom of the bag and on the magnetic straps. There is nothing on the bag itself that will scratch its finish. As long as your tank is clean, there’s nothing to worry about.

Choosing a hydration tank bag is an important decision, as it’ll be going with you on all of your adventures. To find out more about our hydration tank bags, contact ThirstyRock today.

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